5 Ways to Enjoy Role Play with Butt Plugs

The “Anal-Stick” is with its 19 cm something for real professionals. You can introduce it to you as far as you want and be horny. But even beginners get their money’s worth with the plug. Due to the stimulus wave design, the thicknesses alternate in your butt and prepare you so when sliding in and out sliding much joy. Inserting and removing is particularly easy thanks to the return ring located at the end of the toy. With the toy made of dark silicone, you can also train your muscles in addition to the anal fun. Try to capture the sexy sex toy by tensing your muscles. In retrospect, you have a more intense orgasm and can also seduce your partner with your new sexy skills. You can either introduce the “Anal Stick” to your little solo adventures or pass control over your lust to your sex partner. He will certainly like to turn your butt and his charms or even prepare his own entrance with the toy joy.

Your sexy companion is perfect for prelude and also for the main idea: After your back entrance is widened, your partner can easily penetrate you from behind and together you will experience your climax. Or you just let yourself penetrate twice and have fun with your partner and this toy at the same time. The skin-friendly silicone, you can look forward to the anal fun. So that the anal plug is always ready for use, you should clean it after use with running water and a gentle cleaning agent. Subsequently, the mysterious toy can be used immediately. Try it now and experience a whole new and intense climax.

The Various animal tail butt plugs spoil you by kink is particularly easy to insert due to its conical design, soft surface and compact size. Some water-based lubes make insertion easier as well. The ring serves as a handle and prevents complete penetration of the anal toys. Spoil massage and stimulates the anus from the outside and inside. In addition, the prostate is also stimulated in men. On the little finger loop, the toy can be easily hold and pulled out at any time. The slightly larger butt plug by kink is suitable for experienced, who like to be alone or together with a partner stimulated anal.

Anal plug test & comparison

Anal plug test and comparison includes the best rated products, offers and bestsellers. Experts have arranged all of these clearly and sorted by places to create the best conditions for a quick & easy find of the desired product. In our anal plug comparison, brands Passion Products, Seven Creations, You2Toys, and Tula-Toys have made it.

What should be considered when buying anal plug?

Always read exactly the customer reviews that other customers have written. If an anal plug has many good or negative ratings that can say a lot about the product and its quality or consistency. Compare prices – a high price does not necessarily mean that it is a good anal plug. You should compare several butt plugs; there are often rapid price differences at different providers. Read also in forums, maybe there is already a discussion about your desired product. In the best case, there is already someone who tested an anal plug. See if there may be a butt plug bestseller. Bestsellers were not without reason for these. And what many customers like can hardly be bad. Do you also ask your friends – is there anyone who has ever bought or owned a similar product before?

Buy Anal Plug online

The anal plug, also known as anal plug or butt plug, is related to the classic dildo and purely intended for anal use. For easier insertion, the anal plug has a rounded, conical shape at the end. The opposite side is made thicker, so that the butt plug cannot be inserted too deeply. In our shop you will find anal plugs from different manufacturers, which differ significantly based on the colors, shapes and materials used for the production. Generally, butt plugs are used without vibration either purely for anal stimulation or to prepare for the subsequent anal intercourse. The target group for this sex toy is not fixed. Women have fun with this toy as well as heterosexual or gay men.

How is the anal plug used?

Anal sex is a topic that most women, especially those who are afraid of pain, shy away from. The anal plug is in this case an ideal tool to allow painless anal intercourse. In doing so, the plug is carefully inserted using lubricant and stays in place for a few minutes. This allows the rectal muscle to relax and stretch. Tip: If you want to use lubricants for anal intercourse, make sure that you choose an oily gel. Due to the consistency is given corresponding lubricity, whereby the anal intercourse or the introduction of the anal plug does not hurt. Important, oily lubricants are not compatible with latex or silicone. Otherwise, anal plugs can of course also be used for pure stimulation for the woman or the man. The toy stimulates the man’s P-spot, making his erection harder.

Would you prefer to buy a new anal plug or a used anal plug?

This is always a difficult question, as every human being values other things. It is best to compare new and used anal plug. Of course, used anal plugs have the advantage that they are usually cheaper are. Do you attach much importance to the fact that the product has not been used before or are you mainly concerned that it works and serves its purpose? An intermediate variant are the warehouse deals. Here you will find reduced anal plug that have been sent back. Any damage or optical changes (scratches, etc.) will be accurately logged by the seller, so you know exactly what to expect before you buy. Often, these anal plugs but only reduced because the product has been opened or sent before. So you can still save a few dollars with a “new” product.

For which price class should I choose an anal plug?

One should always keep in mind that a more expensive butt plug does not necessarily have to be of high quality. In general, of course, are at higher priced anal plug also higher quality parts installed, but often beat the manufacturer’s name on the price. Compare best several anal plug of different price ranges and put in advance a financial upper limit.

What is the right size for an anal plug?

With different sizes of butt plug, it may happen that the product is cheaper or more expensive. Before buying and comparing anal plug should always be accurately measured and made sure that enough space is available.

Where to buy a new butt plug best

That always depends on what you value when buying anal plug. Would you prefer a detailed consultation on anal plug and maybe even test or compare or submit customer reviews and reviews from other anal plug buyers to decide on a product. However, some products are often cheaper on the internet and can be compared faster & easier than in the store.