I flew all the way from Chicago to Atlanta to buy my very first butt plug and I could not be happier. The lady explained everything thoroughly how I should care for my new toy (twice, lol). I even met people from all over who came just to buy one for their partners! It was an amazing experience.


I loved the experience and found it surprisingly easy to relax and let go. It was good to explore different things (such as anal stimulation which I was a bit unsure about but actually was one of the highlights of the session) in a safe, non-pressured environment. I think the fact I felt safe and relaxed combined with such a complete focus on me and my pleasure resulted in me having multiple orgasms in a way that I haven’t managed before with a partner – it was exhausting but I didn’t want it to end.


A very lovely experience which I’d wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who wants to explore possibilities, get a confidence boost or just give themselves a fabulous treat. What I learned is how my confidence has dropped in recent years and how I’ve kind of disconnected from my body – it shocked me that I was much less communicative and responsive than I had hoped. It’s left me feeling more confident and also mindful that there is much work to be done. But how good I came to see you BEFORE venturing out to find a new partner/playmate! As I said to you afterwards, you have a remarkable blend of firmness and tenderness. Keen to learn more – how to give an anal massage myself – and pleasuring my partner with it seems fun.


It was something I have never experienced before.  Words can’t describe how I feel, but it was amazing.  I feel that there is so much more to learn, of which I may have been missing out on.