Write for us

What We Are 
Looking For

Content that is educational — think of a how-to guide.
  • What can you teach others?
  • What can you teach that is different from what has already been published?
  • What can you write that will establish you as a true authority in this industry?
  • Break down the steps people can follow, screenshots are great teaching tools.

Here are 10 Basic Guidelines for Approval

1. Unique content that hasn’t been published elsewhere.

2. Actionable how-to information our readers can learn from.

3. Avoid the basics people already know. Avoid general theorizing on abstract subjects and basic, obvious tips. Our audience is not new to the digital marketing field.

4. Link to credible resources if you want to ensure the reader understands the basics please link to credible resources.

5. Don’t appear overly self-promotional

6. Use relevant & timely research data and credible sources.

7. Should meet a need and offer a valid solution(s).

8. Be authoritative the writer must “know” their subject and it should be obvious in the writing. Authors need to be able to debate well in comments should the need arise.

9. Focus on being technically accurate the SEO community is not forgiving when it comes to inaccuracies.

10. Don’t make claims that can’t be backed up; focus on facts, and not opinions.

How to Impress the Editing Team

1.Email us your article to application@brasilcafe.net.

2.Use title case in each heading. We admire those that do.

3.Run your article through a grammar/spelling checker like Grammarly.

4.Be open to making changes that will make your article amazing. The editors want you to look the best you can in front of a very large audience.

5.Eliminate contractions. Too many contractions make articles appear casual and not authoritative.

6.Make sure your post is well structured. Please use <H2>-<H4> headings, lists and so on.

7.Think of appealing visual presentation. Use visuals. If you feel your post will benefit from additional imagery, infographic etc. but if you don’t have the resources to create them, let us know. Our designers will be happy to help.