Butt Plug Uses

If you’ve got a butt (and, as it is already a given, you probably do) adding a plug to your routine can be a fun way to add a little spice, take things to the next level, and explore a whole new world of sensation.

Let’s talk about the common uses of a butt plug:

1.) Date Night!

What?! OK, hear me out here. There are a couple of ways to play this: you could pop your plug in while you get ready for your date. This has the dual benefit of prepping your bum for any anal play that may happen later and giving you an extra sexy kick as you feel it inside you.

Or, if you are feeling adventurous, you can wear it out on the town during your date. Tell your partner about what you’ve got going on on your way out the door and watch them with you all evening. You’ll get to enjoy the sensation of the plug shifting and undulating whenever you move – and your partner will enjoy knowing you’re being stimulated when you’re out in public together!

For extra fun, make it a vibrating plug with a remote control and give the remote to your partner. You’ll never know when to expect the vibrations to kick in and the two of you can enjoy covert teasing all evening. By the time you get home, you’ll be (ahem) rearing to go! (sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

2.) Oral Sex

Whether you’re giving or receiving, a butt plug can take the oral experience to the next level!

When you’re on the giving side, the sensations provided by the plug will add a new level of sensuality to your experience. If you’re the one on the receiving end, the extra stimulation provided by a butt plug – especially as the pelvic muscles contract causing the plug to shift – can add a whole new dimension to the oral sex experience.

For folks who find orgasm elusive, that added dimension and increased sensation may be just the thing to bring them over the edge!

3.) Sensation Play

I don’t know about you but sensation play (spanking, flogging, electrostimulation, temperature play, etc.) makes me wiggle around like a happy little worm. A plug can add a whole new dimension of pleasure to this type of play; as you wiggle and squirm, your plug wiggles and squirms with you.

By adding a butt plug to your sensation play you add internal sensations that can intensify every time you experience an external sensation (i.e. with each thwack of a paddle). It’s a fun way to grow your sensation experience.

4.) Vaginal Intercourse

This one is kind a classic and for good reason! For the partner on the receiving end, a butt plug can make everything a bit tighter, which some find can serve to shift what is being stimulated. Suddenly, the G-spot gets much more stimulation due to the new, smaller, tighter space.

In addition, a vibrating plug can introduce a whole new world of sensation to penetration that, for some, can take sex from OK to OMG.

For someone with a prostate, a butt plug can enhance the vaginal intercourse experience by adding prostate stimulation to every single thrust. Some toys are actually designed to work with the muscular contractions of the body to provide hand-free prostate stimulation while others deliver vibration directly to the area.

I like to say it’s “set it and forget it” stimulation because with a plug of the right size and shape, the prostate stimulation can end up feeling almost effortless.

5.) Power Play

If you already know you enjoy butt stuff and power play, putting the two together can be a recipe for success. If you are new to power play but into butt stuff, plugs can be a fun way to dip your toes into the submission waters. New to both and curious? That’s great too! Negotiate beforehand so both partners are on the same page (because, remember, power play is always consensual and negotiated).

The partner who is in charge can select a plug and issue an instruction such as “You must wear this for two hours before I come home so you are nice and ready for me when I arrive.” In this situation, the plug pulls double duty as it stimulates both body and mind! In addition to feeling great physical sensations, it will serve as a constant reminder of your partner and their plans for later.

So, there you go folks, five times a butt plug can take your sex to the next level – and that’s just the beginning! If you’re curious I recommend picking up a plug (and some lube, don’t forget the lube!) and doing some exploring.

You never know how a butt plug might enhance your favorite sexy time activity!