Butt Plug Uses

this is men’s bingo sex toy shop and wewanted to revisit one of our morepopular products the Rio anal vibe ourbuff leg line has been incrediblypopular but we have gotten somequestions about the video we made wherewe are inserting and removing the thebutt plugnow that’s one way to use it and a waythat we find to be quite pleasurable butof course the more popular way is toinsert it and leave it and we thoughtwe’d do a video just demonstrating thatvery quickly now what you see here onthe table is our junk in the trunk bypipe Dumas stream and of course ourfavorite gun oil h2o water-basedmoisturizer bruh can’t suppose it couldbe a little oyster Iserand he’s going to insert that and youcan see with the butt plug design it’stapered with a narrow neck and obviouslyour little friend here on the tableisn’t going to be able to tighten thesphincter muscles to hold it in placebut that’s the way that it would wouldnormally work and of course thevibrating button here on the end allowsyou to adjust the vibrating speeds soyou get as mild or as intense anexperience as you want and of course oneof our favorite ways to use this toy isto insert it as you seeand then we’ve got the x5 tilde fromblush novelties that we’re going to usein place of a partner and you can seehow easy it is to get that doublepenetrate penetration stimulation withthese two products or if you choose witha partner as well and so there you haveit one of our favorite ways to use thereal butt plug with vibration or reallyany butt plug you can find links tothese products in the comment sectionbelow or you can visit our website tosee a variety of different items at wwmspeaker comm and of course you’ll alwaysget anonymous building and discreetshipping of any product you purchasefrom us