Anal Hooks: What They Are and How They Work

For all of you who are into anal play and anal orgasms, there is a toy you might want to check. We are talking about anal hooks. These toys are an incredible addition for anyone who is into bondage too. Let’s explain all you need to know about this sex toy. 

What Is an Anal Hook?

Anal hooks are a rather popular sex toy in the BDSM scene. It is one of many anal toys available on the market. What makes the hook different from butt plugs is the size and purpose. Butt plugs are relatively small in comparison with anal hooks, and many consider the hook a bit more extreme. 

The toy is made of metal as seen on lovegasm. It is curved, and it usually has a ring on one side and a ball on the other. Some toys come with removable ball sets, which allows beginners to use them as well. The companies designing hooks most commonly use surgical grade stainless steel, which means that the toy is body-safe and that it could be used with any type of lubricant. 

Furthermore, stainless steel toys are easy to clean, and they are perfect for temperature play. You can use soapy water, sex toy cleaners, or even boil them without worrying that it will damage the hook. 

The main difference between metal hooks and other toys designed for anal play is that hooks are a lot less forgiving. The material is rigid, and there is no space for adjustments once the hook is inserted. 

How to Use an Anal Hook

There are a couple of different ways to use anal hooks, so let’s start from the beginning with the most common practice. The reason why we mentioned BDSM is that hooks are often used in rope play, more specifically in predicament bondage. 

This type of bondage involves restraining a person in a way that would make them feel uncomfortable and forced to eventually change the position. The default position usually causes muscle fatigue, like standing on the tip of the toes. The submissive person will have to shift a bit, which will force them to go into a position that’s often painful. 

The reason why hooks are great for this job is that they don’t flex at all. This means that they will restrict one’s movement and make it painful for them to adjust to a comfortable position. 

There are a couple of general rules for using anal hooks. The first one is safety. Hooks can be dangerous, which means that you need to be extra careful when inserting the toy. Furthermore, using lubricants is necessary. You and your partner should think of a safe word in case the bondage rope play goes too far. 

The best advice we can give you is to start slow and use lube. There is no need to hurry, and just focus on having fun and enjoying yourself. Once the hook is inserted, you can use the ring on the end to tie a rope and fix the hook or force a person to stay in the same position. 

How It Would Feel Like Once the Hook Is Inside

The main thing here is the size of the ball. If you don’t have a hook already, try finding the one with interchangeable balls. That way, you can put on the one that works for you and that would make you feel comfortable. 

As we already mentioned, you need to start slow. Involve foreplay or anything that will help you stretch and prepare for the toy. Even if you use the hook without prep, you need to be aware of the potential danger and problems that may occur if you go in too fast. 

The initial reaction will probably be shocked since the temperature difference is noticeable. However, the metal will quickly heat up to the body temperature, and you will start enjoying it even more. When it comes to the size and depth, the initial stretch will happen at first. But, once you get past the pubic bone, it should feel more tender. 

One of the things we should mention is that anal doesn’t have to be painful. Take as much time as you need, and enjoy the experience. People often use the hook to tie it either to something immovable or to a part of the body. If you have long hair, your partner can always tie the hook to your hair, making it even more exciting.  

Using of Anal Hooks Require a Lot of Trust

While using anal hooks solo is possible, it is not something people often do. Some positions and types of bondage are better with a partner. It is a lot safer to play if there is someone to guide you and control everything. 

Anal hooks are something you definitely shouldn’t try alone, especially if it involves tying. That means that you will need to trust your partner a lot. While trust is an essential part of any relationship, it is even more important here since hooks can cause real damage to your body. 

Trust and communication are two primary principles of BDSM, and you need to talk to your partner and tell them what you enjoy or what is too much for you. That is especially important for inexperienced people since all of this is rather new to them. 

To avoid any problems or harm, you need to do everything properly and trust your partner to have your best intentions as their priority.