How to Stimulate Your Prostate with Anal Vibrators

Anal games are taboo for most heterosexual men in the world. Although we all feel so enlightened and sexually omniscient, many men do not know what pleasures are hidden in their bodies. The prostate massage is part of the standard repertoire in many Asian and Southern European love techniques.

In this guide, you will specifically know about sex toys developed for prostate stimulation and which is better in anal vibrator vs normal vibrator. Sexologists would like to educate you about the topic, provide background information and tell you about our own experiences and opinions.

Why should you deal with prostate stimulation?

We could at this point write the same dizzy and lurid half truths, as do numerous sex shops and erotica makers. “The prostate is the G-spot of man”, “Freehand orgasm”, “Spiritual sensory expansion” and more blah.

But no – we stick to the facts. The fact is that the stimulation of the prostate through a finger massage or suitable toys can be extremely pleasurable. The orgasm is strengthened above average, the sperm amount and centrifugal force noticeably increased and the movements on the prostate surface feel incredibly cool. Thus, anal games have nothing to do with “gay”, “disgusting” or “perverted”, but represent novel experiences and Masturbation.

Biology and Anatomy of the Prostate:

Of course, before we dive into prostate stimulation, we should know what the prostate is, where it sits, and what it does. The right graph shows the anatomical cross section of the male sexual organs. It can be seen very well that the prostate, also called the prostate gland, sits between the bladder, the penis and next to the rectum. Their size is comparable to a chestnut.

The urethra passes through them. The prostate produces a large proportion of sperm secretions through numerous glands about 60%. The prostate muscle closes the gland ducts and vas deferens during urination, so that no urine can enter. Conversely, the prostate occludes the urinary bladder during ejaculation.

If an ejaculation sets in, the urethra is often rendered basic and lubricious via the popular “longing drop”. In technical jargon, the crystal-clear liquid is called pre-ejaculate. If the ejaculation is triggered, the secretions from the prostate, seminal vesicle and epidermis are thrown out of the penis by forceful muscular contacts of the pelvic floor and the prostate via the urethra at approximately 17 km / h.

By the way, it is possible that ejaculate or pre-ejaculate will escape through the use of plugs or a finger. Many anal lovers find this very stimulating and stimulating. In the BDSM area, this is also called “milk semen”. In the medical sense, sperm samples can be taken from the correct angle.

Anal plug tips for beginners

Who has never had anything to do with anal toys, is undoubtedly anxious to experience a pleasant, clean and at the same time effective entry into the anal world. Here are 10 tips:

  • Primary, of course, is the right anal toy the most important thing. To avoid disappointment, experts strongly advise you not to look in the lower price segment for anal toy. Buy instead a reasonable and proven prostate massager from a manufacturer specializing in prostate stimulation.
  • In addition, an analyst should be aware that the first attempts can not at all, or only minimally pleasant. You first have to get to know the pressure of the unfamiliar foreign body in the butt and quite possibly the first experiments can end disappointed in the loo.
  • You should first do the first steps alone and without a partner. Create a relaxed atmosphere without fear of family members storming into the room or the messenger ringing the doorbell. Put porn in the DVD player or visit horny porn sites for stimulation and distraction. Handkerchiefs or a Kleenex box and water-based lubricant are also recommended.
  • Sexologists do not recommend a previous cleansing of the rectum with an enema because the procedure is anything but sexually stimulating. Over the next few weeks and months, you’ll find that using smooth-walled anal plugs is a pretty neat thing. The prostate simulation takes place in the lower third of the rectum and you do not have to clear the whole rectum.
  • Insert a suitable plug with a condom or rich lubricant in the squat or lateral position in the anus. It should be noted that you have to go through two muscle rings. The muscles will involuntarily fight against the “intruder” and tense up. Go very, very, very, very slowly and carefully. Basically, the plug wanders all alone in the anus. Breathe calmly and relaxed.
  • If the plug is in it, you should not do any further movements at first. Get to know the feeling. It may be that you feel uncomfortable. Try to relax and do not aim for orgasm if you do not feel like it. If you are relaxed enough, you can begin to gently tense the pelvic floor. The head of the plug will move in the area of ??the prostate.
  • Now it’s time to train, train, and train. If you are enjoying and it allows the situation, push yourself a plug in. Do this again and again, even if your experiments initially failed. At some point, the anus muscles will not fight against the plug and you have almost no stool stimulus. Then you have accomplished it!
  • You can fuck your partner properly with the inserted plug properly. Due to the involuntary tension of the pelvic floor when thrusting, the prostate is rhythmically stimulated. The orgasm can be so violent that one is almost paralyzed on arrival and his lust screams out extremely.
  • Very pleasant is also a classic masturbation or the use of other penis sex toys. If the penis is stimulated quickly and intensively, the sphincter muscles also work and perform intensive pressure shifts via the plug, which feel very good.

Before even inserting anything we should be aware of the safety measure that should be taken. If you’re using a princess plugs for the first time, you should visit Loveplugs to learn more how to properly use anal plugs.

 It is the beginner stage managed; you can try out the experiments for the advanced stage.

Anal plug tips for advanced

Even for advanced anal toy users it is always: “practice, practice, practice”. Train alone and with your partner. Play rhythmically with the pelvic floor, wear the plug during sex and try out different plugs and anal dildos. Each plug feels different.

You will probably already have aroused the interest of your partner, what great experiences you can experience with such a plug in the backside. If she joins, have her do a prostate massage with finger cots or latex gloves. Maybe it may already be a thin dildo. A positive response from the partner motivates you to continue experimenting.

You’ll eventually find out which prostate massage device is the most comfortable for you in terms of angle, length and thickness. Unfortunately, no patent remedy can be created in this regard. But every man will quickly notice what pleases us less.