Knowing the Essentials of Using Butt Plugs

Butt plugs can rightly be considered one of the most sought-after intimate toys, extremely popular among men and women who practice anal sex. Different in shape, size, color and functionality, these spicy products perfectly fulfill their purpose – to stimulate the nerve endings located in the anus and gently relax the anus. Some models of anal plugs are equipped with a vibration function, which makes it possible to further enhance the sensations of stimulation and to fully experience the physical and emotional aspects of anal penetration. There are variants of anal plugs, designed so that they can be carried in themselves for quite a long time.

What should be guided when choosing an anal plug?

Can butt plugs cause harm to health? If you choose the right approach and take into account all the nuances, then these naughty toys for adults will not only cause harm, but also be able to have a positive impact on your health. This is a fair statement applies to both men and women. For women, the butt plug will help to bring the weakened muscles of the vagina into proper tone and at the same time experience no small pleasure.

Men can use these sex toys to prevent prostate diseases. In these cases, the butt plug acts as a kind of massager, affecting the vaginal muscles located near the anus and, in men, the prostate. Beginners should be particularly careful to approach the issue of choosing the first anal plug. Usually, for a start, you should pay your attention to small-sized models. For experienced anal fans, our virtual sex shop can offer hard plugs more than largesize. Such models are designed specifically for those who have certain skills and yearn for even more thrill! And for those who only decide to learn the basics of anal sex and people, who are quite sophisticated in this matter, do not forget about special lubricants – lubricants. Since the internal surface of the anus does not emit a natural lubricant, the use of artificial lubricants is a necessary condition for painless penetration into the anus. Choose and order a cork.

There are a great many anal plugs. Nowadays, they are made of rubber, plastic, glass, metal and other various materials. The surface of the anal plug can be perfectly smooth or have a certain relief, and for those who are really interested in purchasing such sex toys, but are afraid to make a bad choice, you should carefully read all the characteristics of the model you like, and if necessary, get additional information from our Internet employee store. For keeping the butt plug in place with harness this is a very important matter.

Butt plugs, the most enjoyable first experience

If you want to learn anal sex and the products associated with it, visit, but do not know where to start, use anal plugs. These small, subtle, elegant things are specifically designed to help you discover new facets of sexual pleasure. Entering the anal plug in the repertoire of your sexual entertainment, you will experience a completely new pleasure and reach orgasms of incredible intensity.

How to use the anal plug?

Anal plugs for beginners have a narrow tip, slightly extending the body of small diameter, thin leg and a special stop for security. The size and shape of the anal plugs are specifically designed to gently stretch the anus and stimulate the nerve endings both inside and outside.

To begin, lubricate the anal plug and anus with a special anal lubricant. If you are using an anesthetic lubricant, wait a few minutes for it to take effect.

Then go through one of the three recommended positions:

  1. Get up on all fours
  2. Lie on your back, place a pillow under your lower back and spread your legs.
  3. Crouch over the anal plug on the legs or knees.
  • Over time, you will choose the most comfortable and pleasant position for you.
  • Then take the cork and insert its tip into the anus. Point the cork slightly in the direction of the abdomen and push to enter a little deeper. If you feel comfortable and have pleasant sensations, insert the cork completely, holding it by the stopper.
  • If you feel comfortable with a stopper inside you can leave it and enjoy other types of stimulation. If you want to experience more stimulation, try moving the plug back and forth.
  • Butt plug can be left inside for a long time, from 30 minutes to several hours, guided by your feelings. When wearing a cork for a long time, we still recommend removing it every hour in order to lubricate it with lubricant. So your feelings will be the most comfortable and pleasant and the cork does not injure the delicate skin.

For the very first time is perfect for example Classic small butt plug from the company Doc Johnson. Her slim drop-shaped body is only 2.5 cm in diameter. Using a sufficient amount of lubricant and relying on our recommendations, your first experience with this cork will certainly be pleasant. The cork is made from safe for health of polyvinyl chloride and includes Sill-A-Gel proprietary antibacterial formula. Cork manufactured in the USA, excellent American quality at a reasonable price. Available in two colors: solid and black.

If you are serious and want to get more returns, we can recommend a set of anal plugs from LP for training. For example, a set of anal plugs Colt anal trainer kit, which includes three plugs of various sizes. The little traffic jam will be perfect for the first experience. As you get used to it, when you have a desire to get more, you will already have traffic jams of larger diameter. Having mastered all three sizes, you will prepare yourself sufficiently for both larger and prominent devices and anal sex. The kit is made of high quality PVC that does not contain phthalates and is safe for health. These are the matters that you will have to keep in mind and that is the best option that you can go for now.