Top 5: Hottest Brazilian Pornstars (2020)

Minus the weird farting porn fetishes, Brazilian pornstars are also known for their great butts and luscious bodies. The most surprising thing for us was to find out that there aren’t a lot of hot Brazilian pornstars (wait for me to finish) that went mainstream and are highly successful in the adult business. The best thing that you can do in the meanwhile is… Watch porn with Brazilian pornstars and we have a very tasty package for you today.

5. Adriana Sephora

Compiling four scenes into one is our new record. This is how spiders experience porn, multiplied by ten. Adriana is a very hot looking babe that has appeared multiple times on amateur porn sites like TeamSkeet and others. She is trying to make a living doing porn and this scene might have landed her a job.

If you are confused by the girl’s nationality, the Brazilian whore is rocking a black / blond hair combo. Might have some male characteristics, but a lot of Brazilians do. I did expect her to have a much more tanned body and a bigger ass. However, sometimes you don’t get what you want in life and from what I can tell, God was busy that day sending poor people to hell. She seems a bit passive too.

4. Mila Marx

Another one from the skeet team and this couple are living a dream. My partner would never fuck with me in public. Heck, I even tried to fuck in the woods, and he was too afraid. I called him out and just left, which was not my proudest moment, but sometimes you need to show them who is the boss.

Mila Marx does not care about embarrassment, public opinions nor does she have any moral code. I don’t want that to sound mean as this is a plus. Her pussy is as clean as whistle, must have taken these Brazilian waxing courses, and a butt that could be improved.

3. Paola Rey

Brazil is a country of football and passion, so we are mixing two fun things into one giant party. I have never seen a pornstar eat cum that good, enjoying, and even begging for more. Look at her eyes and face as she moves it slowly to catch all the drops. It’s like a soft candy for her or oxygen for someone underwater. Just for the jizz eating alone, Paola Rey should become the president of Brazil. Oh, and she plays well with all kinds of balls if you get my pun.

Her ass shaking and grinding expertise should have been used to inspire armies of men, showing her clips before any march to war or even better, bringing her to the base and promising a piece of action if they win their battles. One day she will be the top earning female pornstar. I am speechless she is that good.

2. Jessie Rogers

Ignore her runny eyes and bitch face or focus on that shit if your dick is getting harder. I must be fucked up because there is nothing that turns me on more than a girl that has just stopped crying (post-fight drama), and is kissing me with still salty lips, sucking them like it was their only option.

All because of some shit argument that stripped them of all validation. I would have never said that this slut is from Brazil, but guessing nationalities is not my strongest point. I am good at finding quality scenes that introduce you to these pornstars in the best way possible. Meet Jessie Rogers, the owner of godly ass that you want to rip open with your hands and smash hard. This is not a bitch for slow sex or romance. Hardcore anal without any lube is where all fun begins.

1. Karlee Grey

Bitch, are you a grill? Because I want to put my meat inside you. Have you ever had a slice of Brazilian meat? It’s so juicy and tender, just like the majority of Brazilian pornstars on the list. Is she also the only girl from the top 10 that does not have her bush trimmed? We’re okay with this style if the clit and hole itself are not hidden beneath hair that you end up eating.

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I think that Karlee Grey is one of the mainstream models that fit most men’s tastes. For some of these girls you could say that there are males out there who won’t bang them (although who am I kidding?), but the quickly rising Brazzers pornstar is like a hotdog. Everybody loves hotdogs, she just needs to stop covering her asshole all the time.